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Oak Gate Styles

The design of your Oak gate is entirely up to you, your needs and your property (or properties).


Here are some of our most popular Oak Gate designs.


There are two main types of Oak Gate here;


Close Boarded and Open Boarded.


Close Boarded are finely fitting tongue and groove prime grade European Oak Boards fitted by hand-cut traditional mortice and tenon joints.


Open Boarded - same as above with openings and sometimes black iron or stainless steel bars or design features.


All hinges are Stainless Steel or Wroght Black Iron and are included in the price we quote you.  


Oak has very high naturally occurring tannins that corrode mild and galvanised steel rapidly (within years). It is not worth skimping on the quality of your hinges.


We will discuss with you what type of look you want for your hinges and we can offer you some design options. Oh and of course we like happy customers, word of mouth recommendations and repeat business. So we like to make sure we give you our very best.


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