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Oak Gates and Posts, Oak Garden Gates and Oak Entrance Gates for Driveways and Properties and Estates. Bespoke Oak Gate Designs are now part of the Oak Gates range delivered to you with our quality automated opening systems and hand wrought iron- mongery. Made to last we stand behind the quality of this premium and sustainable  natural product.


We use the highest quality Seasoned European Oak available. Couple this with the craftsmen who know how to use it to bring you what we beleive are some of the best Oak Entrance Gates and Driveway and Garage Oak Gates available on the market today.



In case your wondering Oak Gates has been around a long time now with an impeccable history of supplying beautiful high quality oak gates and posts.


Our timber is sourced from responsibly managed and renewable sources.

These Terms and Conditions explain your rights and obligations in relation to our website and any goods purchased from Aegis 4 Security Ltd. Please read them carefully.


Oak Gates is a trading name for Aegis 4 Security Ltd.


By accessing our website and sunsequently placing an order with us, you agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions then you may not use or access our site or place an order.


Ordering Oak Gates? What is important to know when you are ordering a premium product.


Our handcrafted gates are 70-80mm thick as standard (this depends on circumstance). They are extremely hard wearing and can last a lifetime. oak Gates are fully handcrafted and can be delivered for self installation or we can install complete with opening systems throughout the whole of Europe.


We use a frame, leg and brace system to hold the gate true and minimise unwanted movement.


The Product.


Wood and specifically Oak is a natural product and therefore susceptible to changes in an outside environment. Extremes of temperature or changes in weather conditions will cause a reaction in timber used outdoors. Heat and wet weather can cause panels to lose shape but this process will be reversed when temperatures subside and the weather becomes drier. Posts may warp in higher temperatures/wetter weather too.


This is perfectly natural and in all but the most extreme cases normal shape will return. Sawn timber may split but this will not affect the structural strength of the wood. We cannot prevent or give any guarantee against minor warping, bowing, twisting, splitting and other movement once the product has been installed. We will not refund any monies as a first option for issues of this kind.


Timber is a living product and the sizing can therefore have a tolerance of between 0 - 10mm per side/ gate.


Care is taken during the design and manufacture of our wooden products to minimise the effects of it being a natural material and, therefore, potentially susceptible to movement due to the environment and conditions in which they are kept once they leave our workshops. To maximise durability we use mortise, tenon and dowel joints on the frames to maximise strength. We will also use stainless steel screws hidden in the wood to help prevent movement.


If you receive your product untreated you must fully treat your product prior to exposure to the elements and you must maintain a good level of treatment we recommend you retreat within 28 days and then further 6 monthly for the first 12 months. Wood rot is a direct result of neglect to inspect the product for damage and we cannot be held liable for this. Also should you not treat or maintain a good level of protection we will not be liable for bowing, twisting, moving, splitting, expansion or contraction caused as a result of this.


We do not cover any consequential expenses incurred as a result of replacing the product, such as fitting and finishing costs.


All products and items will remain property of Aegis 4 Security Ltd until paid for in full.


Many thanks,

Aegis 4 Security Ltd